Each year, Turner Scientific awards a grant to those who’s research exemplifies the goals of animal welfare and solid science.

Sensory Sentinel 2023 Grant

For the third year, Turner Scientific is again offering a competitive grant opportunity for the award of one Sensory Sentinel device. A description of eligibility requirements and application instructions are included below.

Turner Scientific is a contract research organization that specializes in animal sensory systems and it leverages that expertise to offer laboratory facility environmental monitoring equipment and consulting services. Our mission is to improve both laboratory animal welfare and study reproducibility by better understanding and monitoring what our laboratory research animals experience on a daily basis.

In October 2020, Turner Scientific announced the release of its new environmental monitoring device, the Sensory Sentinel, which is capable of monitoring noise, vibration, temperature, humidity, light levels, and human staff activities in animal laboratories.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Animal facility managers, scientists, graduate and post-doctoral students, research veterinarians, and individuals in related fields are invited to apply for The Sensory Sentinel 2023 Grant.
  • Applicants must currently be working or enrolled in a public or private academic institution in any country.
  • Applications are encouraged from AALAS members, but non-members are also welcome to apply.


In a maximum of 2 single-spaced pages, each applicant must describe the following:

  • Brief summary of current research;
  • How the Sensory SentinelTM will be deployed in the applicant’s laboratory environment; and
  • Expected benefits of using the Sensory SentinelTM, including a description of current environmental concerns, and how the applicant’s research will likely be improved.

Include a current CV and contact information.

Submit application materials by email to info@turnerscientific.com


  • One Sensory SentinelTM device, with capability to monitor environmental noise, vibration temperature, humidity, light, and staff activity.
  • Device will be shipped to the recipient’s facility; remote training and installation assistance will be provided.
  • Recipient must be willing to allow public announcement of the award by Turner Scientific on its website, in marketing materials, and in a press release.
  • Recipient must indicate the use of the Sensory SentinelTM in the methods section of relevant research publications and presentation posters.
  • Value of award: approximately $15,000.


  • Applications must be received by May 1, 2023
  • The recipient will be announced on June 1, 2023.

2022 Winner of the Sensory Sentinel grant

Dr. Amber Southwell

Dr. Southwell holds multiple positions in the neuroscience space, including Co-Director at the Central Florida Center for Huntington’s Disease; Assistant Professor at the University of Central Florida, Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences; and Director of the rodent behavior facility at the University of Central Florida Health Sciences campus in Orlando, Florida. ​

Turner Scientific is proud to award Dr. Amber Southwell with the 2022 Sensory Sentinel grant to promote animal welfare and improved research.

Dr. Southwell has focused her career on developing strategies for the treatment of Huntington’s disease (HD), the most commonly inherited neurodegenerative disease. HD is a devastating condition that results in gradually progressive deterioration of movement, behavior, cognition, and reasoning. There is no cure for HD, and full time care is required at later stages of the disease. ​

HD research requires the use of sensitive genetic lines of test animals, and Dr. Southwell’s proposal effectively embraced the purpose of the Sensory Sentinel in protecting these animals. “The Sensory Sentinel measures all important variables and tracks employee activities. Therefore, it will be indispensable in helping us to identify and eliminate any potential stressors to promote the welfare of our animals,” stated Dr. Southwell.​

Dr. Southwell will receive a Sensory Sentinel device and adequate consultation to allow for proper installation, use, and interpretation of data. ​

Press release for Dr. Southwell’s award (May 2, 2022)

Support offered to additional grant applicants

We received many strong applications for the 2022 Sensory Sentinel grant from a variety of well-qualified researchers. While it is unfortunate that we cannot offer a device for each candidate, we are happy to be supporting research projects and facility inspections for selected additional applicants. Each will be provided with temporary use of a Sensory Sentinel and technical support for a specific research study or facility inspection. Recipients include:​

Dr. Tapiwa Makwavarara

University of Capetown
Capetown, South Africa

Dr. Jeremy D. Bailoo

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Lubbock, TX

2021 Winner of the Sensory Sentinel grant

2021: Craig A. Hodges, Ph.D.

Dr. Hodges is Associate Professor in the Department of Genetics and Genome Sciences at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH.  He is a leading researcher into the causes and treatments of cystic fibrosis (CF).​

Press release for Dr. Hodges’ award (January 26, 2021)