With a deep history of auditory research experience and laboratory environmental knowledge, the members of Turner Scientific’s staff work seamlessly to deliver the highest quality studies, products, and consulting services. The experience of our employees is enhanced by consultants from leading research universities throughout the Midwest, and beyond.

Administrative Team

Annette Turner
President/ Program Director/Regulatory Compliance

Jeremy Turner, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

Brian Chumley
Chief Financial Officer

Cindy Buckmaster, PhD
Chief Operations Officer, Monitoring

Amanda Henton, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer

Mackenzie Welsh
Office and Human Resource Manager

Facility Environmental Monitoring

John (JR) Manker
Director of Monitoring Services

Dawn Hidenfelter
Director of Sales

Teresa Neubauer
Accounts Manager

Troy Stout
Vivarium Monitoring Specialist

Jeff Hayes
Vivarium Monitoring Equipment Technician

Erin Kaniuk
Vivarium Monitoring Specialist

Contract Research

Alec Salt, PhD
Director of Pharmacokinetics

Luyi Zhou, PhD
Senior Scientist

Jennifer Artis, DVM
Attending Veterinarian

Lisa Cox
Lab Manager

Jared Hartsock
Assistant Director of Cochlear Surgery

Jacob Bowen
Minipig Specialist

Shari Randall
Research Scientist

McKenzie Tiffin
Lead Histology Technician

Bob Meech
Research Scientist

Jaden Moxley
Research Scientist

Stormy Sonneborn
Animal Care Technician

Ashleigh Forsting
Animal Care Technician

Payton Radcliffe
Animal Care Technician

Max Beckman
Animal Care Technician

Courtney Maltimore
Animal Care Technician

Brandon Cox, PhD
Consulting Scientific Advisor – Immunohistochemistry

Len Rybak, MD, PhD
Consulting Scientific Advisor – Ototoxicity

Carol Bauer, MD
Consulting Cochlear surgery

Tony Mikulec
Consulting Cochlear Surgery