Turner Scientific is an experienced specialty provider of GLP-compliant hearing research. 

Turner Scientific is currently developing the capacity to conduct in-house GLP-compliant hearing research services. In the meantime, there are several ways that our sponsors can and have capitalized on Turner Scientific’s experience in completing high-quality specialty GLP otic studies. We have relationships with several leading preclinical GLP laboratories in the United States and overseas, and we have completed the hearing testing portions on GLP studies at multiple facilities. We travel to these collaborating sites and conduct all hearing-related aspects of the studies with our staff who are trained on relevant GLP complicant practices, while the partner facility provides quality assurance oversight. 

Through these collaborations, Turner Scientific can add great value to the drug development programs of our sponsors. By combining our experience in auditory science, GLP studies, and multiple animal models, we hope to rapidly advance the field of otic research, and ultimately develop new treatments for hearing loss, tinnitus, and vestibular dysfunction which will benefit patients with few current options.