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As leaders in Hearing Research, we invite you to explore our related services

Turner Scientific works with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, research institutes, and CROs

  • Test promising new treatments for hearing loss, tinnitus, and vestibular dysfunction

  • Evaluate the potential for ototoxicity

We are pleased to be offer GLP otic studies through collaborations with several GLP compliant facilities – Click Here for more information.

Preclinical Hearing Research

Preclinical Hearing Research

Environmental Monitoring Services

Turner Scientific works with academic and commercial vivariums to minimize the ambient excessive environmental variables

  • Consulting and on-site services for environmental confounds

  • Monitoring and logging equipment designed specifically for the animal research space

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Turner Scientific News

What is Turner Scientific?


We are a company with a dual, yet related, focus.  


Our preclinical research services division is dedicated to advancing treatments of hearing loss and other ear disorders, and reducing the potential for damage posed by pharmaceuticals and chemicals to the ears. We are respected by sponsors on four continents for a rigorous scientific approach to studying efficacy of otic treatments, and screening for ototoxicity of any pharmaceutical compound.


With a focus on better science and improved animal welfare, we use our experience in auditory neuroscience to help animal facilities monitor and mitigate environmental concerns.  Building on this expertise, Turner Scientific provides personalized services to monitor temperature, humidity, light, noise, and vibration in the lab animal space, which pose a risk to the validity of research studies, as well as an animal welfare concern.  


Whether providing you with a place to go for your contract hearing research study or assisting you in understanding environmental confounds in your own animal research, Turner Scientific strives to provide the most up-to-date services and solutions for your needs.

Watch webinars by Turner Scientific

Dr. Turner's Webinar discussing noise/vibration confounds hosted by the Karolinska Institute

Dr. Turner's webinar presentation, "Vibration, Noise and Ultrasonic Noise as Unrecognized Lab Animal Stressors", is available for viewing. Please visit our Educational Library page or click below to watch this video presentation.

Turner Scientific Webinar discussing ototoxicity hosted by Sinclair Research 

Turner Scientific's webinar presentation, "An Introduction to Ototoxicity: Appreciating and Assessing This Common Side Effect in Drug Development", is available for viewing. Please visit our Ototoxicity page or click below to watch this presentation.

Upcoming Events

Amber Southwell, PhD, awarded the Sensory SentinelTM 2020 Grant.
Turner Scientific has selected Amber L. Southwell, PhD, as the winner of its 2022 Sensory Sentinel grant to promote animal welfare and improved research. Dr. Southwell holds multiple positions in the neuroscience space, including Co-Director at the Central Florida Center for Huntington's Disease, and Assistant Professor at the University of Central Florida, Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences. Visit our Sensory Sentinel Grant page to learn more.

Turner Scientific announces the addition of Alec Salt, PhD, and Jared Hartsock to our research team.
We are proud to welcome Dr. Salt and Mr. Hartsock to our lab as full time researchers. Dr. Salt recently left Washington University where he devoted his career to the study of inner ear fluids and cochlear drug delivery. Mr. Hartsock has been a Research Assistant to Dr. Salt for several years, and has become an expert in complicated surgical drug delivery techniques to the inner ear. Both are internationally recognized scientists who will add tremendous value to our study sponsors. 

Cindy Buckmaster, PhD, will lead the Turner Scientific laboratory monitoring team.
Dr. Buckmaster has worked in research and lab animal science for 25 years, and is a well-respected and passionate advocate for ethical animal research and study reproducibility. As the Chief Operating Officer of Facility Monitoring Services, she will lead the development of the Sensory Sentinel and consult with clients to promote ethical care of animals. She will also assist with developing Turner Scientific's novel mining model for hearing research. Read more about Dr. Buckmaster's role here.

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