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Turner Scientific works with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, research institutes, and CROs

  • Test promising new treatments for hearing loss, tinnitus, and vestibular dysfunction

  • Evaluate the potential for ototoxicity

We are pleased to announce our exclusive partnership with Sinclair Research to provide GLP otic studies – Click Here for more information.

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Preclinical Hearing Research

Preclinical Hearing Research

Turner Scientific works with academic and commercial vivariums to minimize the ambient noise and vibration

  • Consulting and on-site services for noise and vibration confounds

  • Noise and vibration equipment designed specifically for the animal research space

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Noise and Vibration Services

Who is Turner Scientific


We are a company with a dual, yet related, focus.  


Our preclinical services division is dedicated to advancing treatments of hearing loss and other ear disorders, and reducing the damage risks posed by pharmaceuticals and chemicals to the ears. We are respected by clients on four continents for a rigorous scientific approach to ototoxicology.


With a focus on better science and improved animal welfare, we use our experience in auditory neuroscience to help animal facilities monitor and mitigate noise and vibration concerns.  Building on this expertise, Turner Scientific provides personalized services to monitor noise, ultrasonic noise and vibration in the lab animal space, which pose a risk to the validity of research studies, as well as an animal welfare concern.  


Whether providing you with a place to go for your contract hearing research study or assisting you in understanding confounds, like noise and vibration in your own animal research,  we at Turner Scientific strive to provide the most up-to-date services and solutions for your needs.

Turner Scientific is pleased to announce our new office and
laboratory facility

By October 1, we will be moving to a much larger facility with improved capabilities. Visit
Our Facility or Click Here to learn more.


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  • Turner Scientific has announced the appointment of David Hicks as new CEO! David had previously served as Turner Scientific’s director of business development for contract research. See the press release for this appointment HERE.

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