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As a leading innovator in hearing research and animal care, Turner Scientific is a trusted partner to study sponsors and animal facilities.

Sensory Sentinel Equipment
Turner Scientific is the foremost innovator in animal laboratory monitoring equipment. Learn about the Sensory Sentinel.

Monitoring Services
We work with commercial and academic vivaria to detect, record, and minimize the harmful effects of excessive stressors.

The Turner Scientific Difference.
Over 20 years of experience in measuring, reporting, and reducing environmental confounds and reducing stress for animals.

Turner Scientific offers a full range of consulting and onsite services to help our clients understand and improve the environmental conditions of their animals.
The Importance of Monitoring [this replaces “What we measure” in the left sided text]
The activities of lab workers, the use of electronic and mechanical equipment, and local building maintenance and construction all affect the environment conditions of laboratory animals. When certain thresholds are exceeded, a wide range of problems is possible:
·      Hearing loss, affecting the ability of animals to communicate and breed
·      Elevated stress levels
·      Changes in immune function
·      Alteration of sleep/wake cycles
·      Problems with learning and memory
·      Higher chance of cancer and cardiovascular disease
Onsite Assessments [in the center box – “assessments” replaces “monitoring”]
We conduct onsite assessments to identify problem areas and equipment.
·      3-8 hours during business hours
·      Thorough evaluation of all areas in which animals are located
·      All five variables
·      Complete report
·      Post-assessment consultation
Remote Monitoring [in the right box]
We assess laboratory environments from our office in Illinois
·      24 hours, 7 days a week
·      Secure connection to client labs
·      Use of Sensory Sentinels is managed by Turner Scientific
·      All five variables
·      Regular reporting
Onsite Assessments [lower, full-width text section – “assessments” replaces “monitoring]
[in bold] Turner Scientific can visit and assess your facility and provide a complete summary of the environment to which your animals are exposed.
Many scientists and animal facility managers want to protect their animals from excessive stimuli, but do not have time or experience to inspect every area to which animals are exposed. Monitoring experts from Turner Scientific solve this problem by visiting laboratories and animal facilities routinely. We look for problem areas, so our clients do not need to.
We conduct a thorough analysis using our Sensory Sentinel, and evaluate levels of noise, vibration, temperature, humidity, and light in every animal room. Our complete analysis can serve as a baseline for day-to-day lab activities, or can detect problematic issues relating to equipment, construction, or renovations. 
Remote Monitoring [lower, full-width text section]
[in bold] Turner Scientific can conduct all data collection and reporting from our facility in Illinois.
Researchers and managers have enough daily responsibilities, and are often reluctant to add the additional burden of conducting ongoing monitoring of their labs. We assume the tasks of daily, ongoing monitoring, so our clients can focus on what they do best: quality research. 
We can access all Sensory Sentinel devices that have been installed in your lab, and collect environmental data remotely. We analyze the data we collect, and issue regular reports to let you know if your attention is needed to correct environmental triggers. We also provide ongoing consulting to address specific concerns you might have.
Improve Animal Welfare 
We don’t simply recommend that other facilities monitor the environments of their animals. We monitor our own vivarium as well, 24 hours per day. Let us help you improve the welfare of your animals, and the quality of the research you conduct.
Begin Monitoring your Laboratory Today.