Better understanding through education will lead to better results.


These educational resources will help the users of our equipment and services better understand their function and potential. Below, you will also find resources to help everyone learn more about the problems of noise and vibration exposure in animal facilities. 


Video Resources

Understanding the impact of environmental variables

Effectively controlling the environment of your animals depends first on understanding the impact that excessive levels of temperature, humidity, light, noise, and vibration can have. During the 71st National AALAS virtual conference that took place in October 2020, we presented live sessions discussing:

  • Dr. Jeremy Turner's recently published paper in JAALAS, "Noise and Vibration in the Vivarium: Recommendations for Developing a Measurement Plan"

  • Steps to mitigate noise and vibration levels in animal facilities

  • Recommendations for reducing noise and vibration levels during construction

Recordings of these presentations are included below, and provide an excellent foundation for learning why environmental monitoring and control are important, and steps that can be taken to improve animal welfare and science once an environmental problem is identified. 

Dr. Turner: JAALAS Paper

Mitigation of Noise, Vibration

Construction: Reducing Noise, Vibration

Karolinska Institute Webinar: “Vibration, Noise and Ultrasonic Noise as Unrecognized Lab Animal Stressors and Research Confounds”

Dr. Turner delivered an informative presentation discussing the confounds of noise and vibration on May 13, 2020. Hosted by the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, one of Europe's largest and most prestigious academic medical centers, this webinar attracted more than 400 registrants. To view the entire presentation, and a follow-up video with answers from Dr. Turner to questions posed during the webinar, please click the video links below. 









Additional Webinars

Dr. Turner has delivered numerous lectures describing the problem of noise and vibration confounds in laboratory research. Below are two of his webinars, previously delivered through the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS). These are available on the AALAS website for a fee.

Noise and Vibration in the Vivarium

Construction Noise and Vibration: Best Practices for Minimizing Impacts on Animals, Ongoing Research Studies, and Relationships with Scientists

Karolinska Institute Webinar

Karolinska Institute Q&A


Noise and Vibration in the Vivarium: Recommendations for Developing a Measurement Plan

We are excited to announce the publication of Dr. Jeremy Turner's latest article in the November 2020 issue of JAALAS (Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science). This article summarizes the scope of problems caused by noise and vibration stimuli in animal vivaria, and proposes a series of practices to limit their negative effects on research animals and data. 

To read the abstract and review key figures from the article, click the links below:

  • Abstract

  • Figure 1: Review of recommended practices: PACT (Plan, Annual Assessment, Changes, Thresholds)

  • Figure 2: Features of noise/vibration measurement, training, communication, and action plan

  • Figure 3: Summary of noise and vibration thresholds of concern

To purchase a copy of Dr. Turner's article, visit the JAALAS website.

Full reference: Turner, JG. (2020) Noise and Vibration in the Vivarium: Recommendations for Developing a Measurement Plan. JAALAS 59(6), 1-8.

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