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Our Mission and Values

Turner Scientific is dedicated to advancing treatments of hearing loss and other ear disorders, and to reducing risks that pharmaceuticals and chemicals play in causing damage to the ears. It is our hope that patients will ultimately receive any medical treatment they need without the concern of damage to their ears.

At Turner Scientific, we value:

  • Rigorous and creative science

  • Comprehensive and careful study designs

  • Flexible approaches to meeting our clients' needs

  • Maximized animal welfare

Turner Scientific is the leading provider of specialty preclinical research services in ear disorders.

We are respected by clients in four continents for a rigorous scientific approach to ototoxicology and animal care.

Our company was founded by Jeremy Turner, PhD, a widely respected scientist who has spent 22 years assessing the auditory functions of both animals and humans. Dr. Turner has extensively studied noise exposure, auditory pharmacology, and auditory neural circuitry in mice. He has received grant funding from the NIH and Department of Defense, among others, and is a consultant for hearing research colleagues worldwide. 

Company History

Following his post-graduate studies, Dr. Turner was appointed Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery/Otolaryngology at the Southern Illinois University (SIU) School of Medicine. During his tenure at this position, he co-invented and patented the first objective device for measuring human tinnitus. Dr. Turner licensed this technology from SIU and co-founded OtoScience Laboratories (OSL) in 2013. OSL also offered consultancy services to vivariums and laboratories in reducing the exposure of animals to ambient noise and vibration, and pre-clinical ototoxicology research services. In 2017, Dr. Turner and his partner decided to split the business lines of OSL into two companies, with OSL retaining the licensing rights for human tinnitus measurement. Turner Scientific, LLC was thus created to further Dr. Turner's goals in pre-clinical ototoxicology research and noise/vibration consulting.

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