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Activity Monitoring

Sensory Sentinel Activity Monitoring provides a new method to determine potential causes of excessive environmental variables, and plan strategies to mitigate stressful stimuli. 

The activities of laboratory staff can easily lead to excessive environmental variables - especially noise, vibration, and light. Cage changing, performing health checks, and room cleaning are just a few tasks that can stress animals and affect study outcomes.


The Sensory Sentinel allows every staff member who enters an animal room to easily record the description, start time, and end time of each activity they perform with a tap of the screen. Correlations between these activities and excessive environmental variables will be quickly realized. 

When placed outside an animal room, Sensory Sentinel Activity Monitoring offers several advantages to common activity reporting methods:

  • Paper records of activity are replaced with clear, organized, and efficient electronic logging.

  • Activity data is securely stored indefinitely. 

  • Notices to staff, such as required PPE, the supervising PI, and an emergency contact, can be clearly displayed. 

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