Monitoring Equipment for Installed or Mobile Use

Turner Scientific offers the most advanced and versatile noise and vibration monitoring device available anywhere: the VivAlarm MobileTM.


The VivAlarm MobileTM is a convenient and easy-to-use noise, ultrasonic noise, and vibration measurement and logging tool for the lab animal research environment.

  • Fully mobile, allowing measurements anywhere in the lab animal space.

  • Can also be permanently installed for long-term monitoring.

  • Equipped to measure sounds humans can hear up to 20 kHz, as well as ultrasonic noises from 20 kHz – 100 kHz.

  • Allows acquisition and logging of overall sound pressure levels, peak frequencies, and vibration levels every second.

  • Built-in software overlays show the hearing ranges of a variety of animal species, making it simple to know if they can hear what is being measured.

  • VivAlarm MobileTM software is PC-compatible, thus requiring a PC laptop or tablet with USB port for proper functioning.


Turner Scientific offers the VivAlarm MobileTM for sale or monthly lease.

For further information and to learn about using the VivAlarm MobileTM, visit our Education Library.