VivAlarm 24 Vibration Monitor


  • Just like the VivAlarm 24 Noise, the VivAlarm 24 Vibration monitor is a stationary device used to monitor vibration in the vivarium space for applications, such as, construction projects and for animal models sensitive to stressors. Securing the accelerometer to a wall, floor or rack, results in a 24-hour collection of vibration levels.


Threshold settings

  • The VivAlarm 24 Vibration has threshold-setting capabilities to minimize false alarms. When a vibration threshold is met, an alert is sent via text or email to the facility director, PI, construction personnel, or directly to Turner Scientific’s monitoring service, through a VPN (Virtual Private Network).


Data Logging

  • Vibration data collected by VivAlarm 24 Vibration monitor can be archived up to 3 weeks on its internal hard drive. That data archive can be helpful for researchers to report the vibration conditions of the vivarium in their scientific publications or to allow investigators to view and report on noise level trends. This can strengthen the credibility of your research by ensuring that your lab animals are not exposed to stress-inducing vibration levels. During construction, this can be very helpful in knowing what your animals are experiencing while you are away from the vivarium.


Help along the way

  • We can recommend the proper placement of the VivAlarm 24 Vibration in your space as well as recommend thresholds settings and alerts, leaving you to focus on your science. Our IT service will help guide you though questions during set up and operation.



  • VivAlarm 24 Vibration software is PC compatible.
  • Requires a PC computer for use.


  • VivAlarm 24 Vibration is priced at $7500.

VivAlarm 24-Hour Vibration Monitor

  • Accelerometer with mounting bracket, 24 hour monitor base station, custom monitoring PC software.