We are excited to be moving to a new office and research facility! Turner Scientific recently purchased a 10,000 square foot office and laboratory building located one-half mile from our existing location. Administrative and noise/vibration monitoring functions will be transitioned to the new building by October 1. Current research projects will be completed at our existing location, and future projects will commence at the new facility by November 1.


With a large increase in research space, we will feature expanded, dedicated room for current and new capabilities:

·  Dedicated vivarium space for mice, rats, and guinea pigs, each with acoustical controls and 24-hour noise-level monitoring to ensure accurate hearing studies


·  Two sound booths for behavioral and electrophysiologic testing

·  Tissue culture room for cochlear explant and culture studies

·   Surgical suite for cochlear test article administration and sampling

·    Neurophysiologic testing to evaluate the acoustic parameters of CNS disorders

A veterinarian is on staff, and Turner Scientific's IACUC committee oversees all animal research. 

Off-Site Research Studies

Turner Scientific provides its complete range of services to outside CROs, and has the ability to conduct GLP studies at the facility of our partner, Sinclair Research. Our mobile ABR testing units and technicians are deployed to off-site facilities as needed.