Turner Scientific was founded in 2017 and is built on the experience and reputation of Jeremy Turner, PhD, a scientist who has spent the last 22 years involved in assessing the auditory functions of both animals and humans. Dr. Turner earned his PhD with Dr. James Willott studying the effects of vivarium noise on hearing in a range of mouse species, and mapping the resulting changes in auditory neural circuitry. He then pursued additional postdoctoral training with a focus on auditory pharmacology with Dr. Donald Caspary at Southern Illinois University (SIU) School of Medicine, where he then served as a Research Professor in the Departments of Pharmacology and Surgery/Otolaryngology until 2016. During his tenure at SIU, he co-invented and patented the first objective device for measuring lab animal and human tinnitus (licensed to OtoScience Labs). In 2017, Dr. Turner created Turner Scientific with the dual goals of making specialized ototoxicity and hearing research services available to the pharmeutical/biotech industry, and noise/vibration services available to the lab animal facility community.