Sometimes it’s just better to have the experts on-site…

Our field technicians and Dr. Turner have been to dozens of animal facilities like yours for such evaluations. Here’s what to expect:

Most facility evaluations are completed in an 8-hour workday

We provide an informal confidential report before we leave about what we found, along with some recommendations.

Within a week we provide a confidential written report of our findings and recommendations. This is useful for AAALAC visits or to aid communication with administrators and PIs.

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Frequently Asked Questions


• What can I expect when Turner Scientific comes on site?

  • When we’re on site, your technicians operate as normal. You will need to provide a technician to usher us through the facility from clean-to-dirty areas and to help with room access and PPE changes.  

• How much does it cost to have us on-site?

  • It costs the average facility $5,000 (travel is included in that price) for an 8-hour work day. Included within this comes the on site visit with an informal report given by Dr. Turner either on site or web call. Then in 1-2 weeks a formal report will be sent, signed off by Dr. Turner.

• How soon can we be scheduled?

  • We can be scheduled as soon as we are an approved vendor with your facility. Based upon the reason for the request we can be very flexible. Since we are located in the middle of the United States we are only about a 2-3 hour flight from either coast for rapid response.

• We use the equipment that we sell during these evaluations.

  • This is a good way to see the equipment in use and see how it would benefit your research facility. It would be a great investment for your facility for long-term better practices.

• What are the recommendations going to cost to improve my facility if noise or vibration is found?

  • Our services can reassure you that your animal environments will bring added validity to your science as well as reducing animal welfare concerns. We find in most facilities that our recommendations for mitigating noise and vibration are easy to implement and cost effective.  

Request the Turner Scientific White on Noise and Vibration in the Vivarium: Best Practices for Minimizing Negative Impacts on Animals, Ongoing Research Studies, and Relationships with Scientists paper by clicking here​!