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Turner Scientific experts, on-site at your facility

Dr. Jeremy Turner and our field technicians have traveled to animal facilities around the world and completed dozens of evaluations for facility managers and scientists. Using the VivAlarm MobileTM system, a comprehensive analysis is conducted throughout the entire facility, in all spaces to which animals are exposed. 


During your on-site evaluation, here is what you can expect:

  • Most evaluations can be completed in one 8-hour day, but larger facilities can require more time.

  • Since the VivAlarm MobileTM system is used, your staff can learn how this device functions in case purchase or lease is appropriate.

  • Every caging room, treatment room, hallway, and other spaces to which animals can be exposed will be evaluated for the level of ambient noise and vibration.

  • Regular lab activities can continue, but an escort should be provided to allow access to all necessary locations.

  • At the conclusion of the evaluation, an informal and brief summary presentation can be delivered to your staff.

  • Within one week, a full confidential written report of all findings and recommendations will be delivered. Findings and reports can be useful for AAALAC visits and to aid communication with administrators and PI’s.

The Best Times to Measure

We recommend that every animal facility measure noise, ultrasonic noise and vibration at least annually. Other good times to measure these stimuli include:

  • After the purchase and installation of new equipment;

  • During any significant renovation or construction project; and

  • When your laboratory staff notices any unexpected change in animal behavior, health, or breeding.

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