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Noise & Vibration Consulting & Monitoring Services for Animal Facilities  


Turner Scientific brings 20 years of experience with noise and vibration in animal facilities to work for you as the first full-service firm focused on noise, ultrasonic noise and vibration. Turner Scientific is proud to provide a multitude of services, including the following:

  • Noise and vibration consulting for new construction or remodels

  • On-site noise and vibration measurements

  • 24-hour monitoring services for sensitive models or during construction

  • Specialized equipment for sale or rent

  • VivAlarm 24-hour noise data can be sent directly to Turner Scientific for monitoring and analysis and for alerting relevant personnel at your institution.

Why should this matter to you?

Noise, ultrasonic noise, and vibration are present in all research animal facilities and laboratories. These acoustic and vibratory stimuli have been associated with changes in breeding and behavior, as well as a number of other physiological effects involving cardiovascular and stress pathways (see Turner et al, 2005 for a review). The result is that such stimuli can be confounds for ANY area of biomedical research using animal models because they add variability to measurements, resulting in greater statistical ambiguity in our research and the need for more animals.

Our Recommendations

We recommend that every animal facility measure noise, ultrasonic noise and vibration at least annually, anytime new equipment or construction is introduced, and anytime facility or research personnel see unexpected changes in breeding, behavior or health. Especially sensitive models or work that could be impacted by noise and vibration should use our 24-hour monitoring service. Facilities need to begin measuring and controlling for noise, ultrasonic noise and vibration with the same care that is given to light, water, food, and air quality.

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