Noise and Vibration Services for Animal Facilities


Laboratory animals can be subjected to several environmental stressors in any research facility. Animal welfare, and the quality of research, can be compromised by these variables, so detecting and limiting them is of primary importance.

Turner Scientific offers a variety of services to help you minimize two of these environmental stressors: noise and vibration stimuli. We have used our 20+ years of experience in measuring, reporting, and reducing noise and vibration confounds to help vivarium managers and scientists around the world. 

We offer a variety of noise and vibration monitoring products and services:

  • VivAlarm MobileTM: state of the art equipment for detecting, displaying, and logging noise and vibration stimuli

  • On-site evaluations: comprehensive analysis of current noise and vibration conditions

  • Remote 24-hour monitoring: on-going measurement and interpretation of noise and vibration stimuli

  • Consulting: expert advice regarding best solutions to noise and vibration problems related to ongoing lab activities or nearby construction projects

  • Educational library: online resources to help you understand how to improve your noise and vibration environment

If you have any concerns or questions about the effects of noises and vibrations at your facility, please contact us!