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Turner Scientific as your dedicated noise and vibration expert

In many cases, a one-time on-site evaluation may not suffice to adequately protect animals against noise and vibration stimuli. For example, prolonged construction projects can subject animals to these stressors for months. Or, noises and vibration created by regular lab activities, staff, and equipment may necessitate on-going monitoring for these problems on a regular basis.


In these cases, we can provide one or more VivAlarm MobileTM systems for your lab, properly install them in the optimal locations, and allow them to look for dangerous levels of noise and vibration. All data would be transmitted to our office, and comprehensive reports would be provided to you on a regular basis.


Our remote monitoring service would relieve you of the burden of detecting noise and vibration stimuli, and allow you to do what you do best: quality research.


Features include:

  • Data would be transmitted to our office using a SIM card installed in each device, allowing a secure VPN cellular connection and avoiding the use of your network.

  • Weekly professional and comprehensive reports that can be shared with scientists, veterinarians, construction crews, and other interested parties.  

  • More regular (i.e. – daily) reports can be provided when required by sensitive research activities or significant construction projects.

  • Reports and raw data would be stored on our server for you and your institution to access, using a password-protected portal. 

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