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Electrophysiology testing (auditory brainstem response, or ABR) accurately measures the electrical responses of the entire hearing pathway from the cochlea to higher brain regions.

An ABR measures the synchronized electrical responses of the cochlea, auditory nerve, and brain to multiple series of tones. Measuring electrodes are placed on the head of the animal and tones of single or multiple frequencies are delivered at approximately 50 Hz. The summated electrical signals generated by the tones are depicted in multiple waves which have a standard form in normally hearing animals and humans. When hearing impairment is evident, the shape of the waves will change in characteristic ways to reveal the nature of the hearing loss.

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The FDA has accepted ABRs as a standard test of auditory function, and recommends ABR testing for any drug that can reach the middle or inner ear. Turner Scientific has the most advanced ABR capabilities available at its facility, and also has two mobile ABR testing units (black cased depicted to the left) that can be deployed to any CRO or lab. We provide GLP-trained field technicians to conduct remote ABR testing anywhere in the US.