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Turner Scientific’s Response to COVID-19

Like businesses around the world, Turner Scientific is very concerned about the evolving COVID-19 pandemic – mostly in terms of the health consequences and financial impact experienced by people everywhere, but also related to our ability to continue serving our sponsors and customers while keeping our employees and communities safe.


We are taking precautions recommended by health officials very seriously. The state of Illinois recently joined other states in issuing a shelter in place order, and we are adhering to the guidelines of this order closely. Turner Scientific personnel are working remotely whenever possible, restricting travel, taking good care of their personal health, practicing proper hygiene at all times, and avoiding crowds. We have urged our employees and consultants to contact healthcare providers when feeling sick, or after exposure to others who are ill.


At the same time, our research and consulting work is continuing without significant delays. We are fortunate to be a small company with limited foot traffic at our office, so our exposure risk to COVID-19 is relatively low compared to larger companies, retail stores, and so on. We benefit from cross training, so most research activities can be executed effectively by multiple employees. Most importantly, our business has been designated as “essential” by the city of Jacksonville, meaning that our work is important and will continue uninterrupted.


Ultimately, Turner Scientific is able to continue providing superlative hearing research and noise/vibration consulting to all of our sponsors and clients. We recognize that the biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical firms, and academic researchers we serve are also carefully moving forward as much as possible with their research and animal care goals. We maintain our dedication to assisting these groups as we have in the past.


We are also doing our part in advancing safe treatments for COVID-19 patients. Turner Scientific is beginning a study to test the ototoxic potential of chloroquine and other quinine-based anti-malarial treatments, as these have been recently promoted to ameliorate the symptoms and course of COVID-19. We feel that it would be tragic for COVID-19 patients to develop hearing loss and tinnitus as a result of such treatment, especially since quinine-based drugs have been shown to be ototoxic in other disease models.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions related to our COVID-19 response and capacity to efficiently advance active and pipeline studies. We remain dedicated to serving you, our sponsors and clients, with the highest quality research and consulting services during this challenging health crisis.

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