Sometimes it’s just better to have the experts monitor noise and vibration for you!

Turner Scientific brings 20 years of experience with noise and vibration in animal facilities to work for you as a full-service firm focused on noise, ultrasonic noise and vibration. Our experience in animal facilities has taught us that, especially when construction is occurring, animal facilities need information on the noise and vibration levels reaching their animals, and what to do about it. Since we can’t be on site every day, and because your team probably can’t afford to dedicate personnel to this every day (let alone acquire the expertise needed), we have created a new  24-hour daily remote monitoring service that allows us to provide your facility with a daily noise and vibration report. This means you don’t have to learn a lot about new equipment or what levels of noise or vibration are of concern. Our experts install the equipment on-site and provide a daily report thereafter, helping to serve as your personal daily noise and vibration consultant.

How do I learn more?


E-mail us at info@turnerscientific.com, or call us at 217-602-0306 to get a quote or to schedule a free consulting call with us to learn  about your concerns and to discuss the services/solutions we can provide.

What to expect in the process:


-Upon signing a service contract, Turner Scientific’s trained personnel arrives onsite to install the equipment. We work with you to find the most appropriate locations to monitor noise and vibration relative to the expected construction location. In many facilities we find that monitoring in 2-3 different locations in the facility is ideal.. We recommend installing our monitoring devices inside a “sentinel” noise & vibration cage using your existing caging system. This helps to determine exactly what your animals are hearing and feeling 24-hrs a day in their microenvironment.  

-The device is outfitted with a sim card cell transmitter that allows us to access the measuring devices directly from our site’ monitoring service through an encrypted, private VPN, without having to access your facilities network, which can be very complicated. Our trained staff provides an archived daily report each morning for your team, including the top 10 noise and vibration events as well as advice on what we are seeing. All you do is go to our website and put in a password specific for your site to see each daily report archive. We can also provide access to see live streamed data if you are interested in observing the noise and vibration levels associated with certain construction activities, cage changing, etc.  


How is this helpful?


By taking the complexity of the equipment and interpretation out of your hands, this service  allows Turner Scientific to serve as your personal noise and vibration daily consultant, helping you to measure, understand, and take actions when necessary to keep your animals safe. . You’ll receive a daily professional report that you can share with scientists, veterinarians, construction crews, anybody interested.  Reports and raw data will be stored on our server for you and your institution will be given a password to have easy 24/7 access, allowing you to view and store any of the records you want on your own computers. Turner Scientific connects to its equipment by installing cell-based sim cards into each device. This allows Turner Scientific to access the equipment directly through a secure VPN connection. There is no need for any piece of the equipment to be connected to your network for our team to process the data being collected in your facility.