November 20, 2018

Among sensorineural hearing loss patients, genetic factors are directly or indirectly responsible for up to 60% of cases, and mutations of more than 100 genes cause severe congenital or progressive hearing loss (Zhang et al., 2018). Genetic mutations are also major pre...

November 20, 2018

Certain types of antineoplastic therapies, particularly platinum-based drugs, are particularly toxic to  the ears. While this is well known to researchers and clinicians who study these treatments, many members of the toxicity community are unaware of the auditory risk...

October 29, 2018

Sex differences in human hearing loss have long been a topic of intense research interest by hearing scientists. On average, women of all ages have better hearing at higher frequencies than men (Gates et al., 1990), but, interestingly, as they age, women lose high freq...

August 24, 2017

Science is filled with confounds; variables in our research that we don’t know about or don’t control. Confounds add a layer of variability and unpredictability to our studies, making it difficult or impossible to answer scientific questions. Good science is all about...

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"I have severe hearing damage. It's manifested itself as tinnitus, ringing in the ears at
frequencies that I play guitar. It hurts, it's painful, and...

Tinnitus #1: The Demographics of Tinnitus

March 5, 2019

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